About "Codershub BD"

Codershub BD is not only an institute or training center to our students. Every single batch of every single course ends up with a family farewell. Because we never count our students as students. Thus, we can easily bring out our success by them.

I won't say, Codershub BD is the best family for Freelancers. There are plenty of other institutes as well, who are best for their own categories. But CODERSHUB BD will be surely the top-notch choice for bringing success. Because, I believe in Quality rather than Quantity. So hop-in, and take your seats before the time ends, and start the journey with us.


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Our Vision
We target studs that has zero knowledge about Freelancing or any Virtual Work. Thus, we can train them with in depth details.

Most of the young Gen people are well trained to these platforms nowadays (by multiple sources: Youtube, Udemy etc.). Thus, they sometimes get messed up between their other lectures and our lectures. In the end, it gets a bit hard to bring out the success. It’s not impossible, but it takes time to clear out their problems. But studs that are completely new to this field, we can train them the way we want them to know. Thus, they can bring out success faster. And we are trying our best to bring 100% success from every batch. And this is our main vision right now. 

Our Mission
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Industry Experts

Meet Our Expert Instructors

Maruf Sujon
Web Development Instructor
Jesmin Juthi
Front End Expert
Mahisur Rahman
SEO & Blog Expert
Digital Marketer